Gift Ideas For Seniors: The Personal Keychain Alarm

Are you looking for gift ideas for that special someone on your list? Is that special someone by any chance a senior citizen? Does that senior citizen by any chance hate being mugged and beaten unconscious in a dark alley? Do you not want to spend a lot of money on this particular gift? If you answered yes to all of these questions than i think i may know just the right gift for that senior, a keychain alarm. Keychain alarms allow you to give the gift of safety to any senior citizen who is not fond of being jumped by multiple thugs and beaten over the head with a lead pip while another thug removes their jewelry, wallet and anything else of value. Giving a senior citizen a keychain personal alarm tells that senior “I love you and your safety is important to me”. acrylic charms

Keychain personal alarms work on the premise that your attacker is not immensely stupid and/or deaf and that anyone in the surrounding area is also not immensely stupid and/or deaf. The keychain alarm emits an extremely loud 130 decibel alarm that is sure to put a scare in even the fiercest of would-be attackers. It’s not the actual noise itself that will scare the criminal but the idea of being apprehended and sent to jail that will really scare someone. Criminals won’t last very long as criminals if they don’t mind being caught while committing criminal activities and drawing the attention of everybody in shouting distance is a good way to get yourself caught. So if someone finds themselves cornered by some hoodlums on a dimly lit street in the middle of the night and presses the alarm button there is a very high probability that those hoodlums will be turning tail and running.

Let us say however that by some horrible coincidence your attacker is in fact deaf, stupid, high on drugs or all three and isn’t quite as deterred by the 130 decibel alarm as one would expect. Although this situation is far less than ideal it still very likely that everyone in a quarter mile radius is not deaf and will be inclined to look in the direction the alarm is coming from, at which point others will see what is happening and presumably call the police or possibly even assist you themselves.

So next time you have a 65th birthday coming up for Grandma and can’t think of what to buy for a 65 year old, please remember that the gift of life can be as easy as giving the keychain personal alarm. Also please remember that these make great gift ideas not only for seniors but college students, parents, sons, daughters, and anyone else that you know for a fact hate being mugged.

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